1.5C Report and What Can You Do About It

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So headlines in newspapers last week read

We have 12 Years To Limit Climate Catastrophe!

Here is what the report states: As compared to pre-industrial era (say 1700s), a 1.5-degree Celsius increase in Earth’s temperature would be disastrous for our environment. Note, out of these 1.5 degrees, 1 degree has already occurred and in some areas in the Northern Hemisphere, it is already close to 1.5C. The report goes on to say that we are likely to hit 1.5C increase in 12 years from now, i.e in 2030. And thus, we have 12 years to act – do things that may help us avoid a climate catastrophe.

The sad part is, the report is aimed at governments, requesting them to bring about policy changes, and we know how governments behave. So is there anything you and I can do starting today to help the cause? Here are some obvious but hard to do things!

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Do not over-consume, reuse what you already have and recycle once you are done with it. Make this a way of life. If you look closely, you can find many things in your daily-life where you can apply this.
  2. Reduce use of fossil fuel and move to sustainable energy: Use public transport, renewable energy sources and cleaner energy sources wherever possible
  3. Practice & Participate: As you practice sustainable ways of living, participate in the conversation around it and encourage others to switch


Simple! Isn’t it?

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