Bag for Life

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It is interesting to note that much of western world woke up to the need of reusable bags for retail at the turn of the century. It was 1998 when Waitrose, a British Supermarket launched “Bag For Life” in association with British Polythene Industries. It was the first closed-loop recycling initiative (whats closed-loop recycling?).

India brought in legislation in 2011 to make it compulsory for Supermarkets to charge the customer for plastic bags. The Plastic Waste (management and handling) Rules, 2011, cover various aspects relating to use, collection, segregation, transportation and disposal of consumer plastic waste.

We have come a long way since then. In July 2018, Maharashtra became the 18th state in India to ban single use plastic bags with heavy fines for breaking the law. The response is mixed due to practical difficulties faced by many businesses, and because of lack of cost-effective alternatives. But there shall be a day when we can surround ourselves not with plastic but with bi-degradable material!

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