For Your Every Need

Our patrons have found our bags useful for more reasons than we ourselves are able to imagine! Be it corporate gifts for employees and partners, promotional items for brand recall, for conferences and events, your personal projects or special occasions such as wedding, thread ceremonies or anniversary. We have catered to various needs. We understand what it takes to create a “use and re-use” worthy bag, with right messaging, which positively enhances the appeal!

Corporate Gifts

Top corporate, small and big have reposed their faith in us when it comes to creating eco-friendly gifts that create impact and terrific brand recall.

Event Promotions

Be it your next conference, or a college reunion, or a run for a cause, we have the right eco-friendly, promotional item for you!

Special Occasion Gifts

Planning a wedding or thread ceremony? Or your parents 61st birthday or just an extended family get-together?

Eco-friendly Packaging

Get yourself surprised by the range of eco-friendly, cotton packaging material we have to offer.

Bulk Order

If you like any of our listed products and are looking for more than 50 quantity, we have a great discount to offer you.


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