Allforasmile is thrilled to offer an Extended Warranty Program for all of its products. We promise to repair and/or replace the products for up to 6 months of your purchase, absolutely free of charge!


Allforasmile® products are covered by warranty to the original owner/ end-user against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship of the product. This ship-in warranty applies when the product is used under normal conditions and for the purpose for which the product was designed.

Allforasmile® Warranty covers all manufacturing defects on zip, zippers, buckles, connectors & stitching issues caused by workmanship errors.

Warranty does not cover natural wear & tear, usage under extreme conditions, damage due to improper care (accident, misuse or negligence) and damage caused by natural calamities such as floods, fires or earthquakes.

When submitting a warranty claim, we need you to present your purchase details as proof of purchase. The Allforasmile® Warranty is applicable only within India.

How To Claim Warranty

Availing the Allforasmile® Warranty is an easy process.

Register your product purchase for the Extended Warranty Program. If you do not register your purchase for the Extended Warranty program, we may not be able to validate your purchase and hence may not be able to offer Allforasmile® Extended Warranty.

In the rare and unfortunate case that you need to claim the Warranty, please raise your claim. You will need the order id to raise the claim.

Upon verifying the details, we will send you a confirmation code and ask you to ship in your product with a mention of the confirmation code. We will absorb the cost of courier by way of an online gift voucher. We recommended using SpeedPost Parcel service to send in your product.

Upon receipt of the product, we will send you a replacement within 2 weeks.

NOTE: Allforasmile Products purchased directly on our website do not need registration for the Extended Warranty Program and are automatically covered by the program. To raise a warranty claimed for such products, you are requested to directly use the claim process.


How Long Is The Warranty Valid On My Product?

Allforasmile® products have a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase unless stated otherwise.

Will My Product Be Repaired Or Replaced?

If your warranted product fails due to a manufacturing defect in material or workmanship, our first option will be to repair the item, free of charge. If the product is not repairable, or if the cost of repair is higher than the cost of a new one, we may, at our discretion, choose to replace the product.

Guidelines On Submitting Your Products

As a civil gesture, please send a dusted & cleaned product. For reasons of hygiene and safety, we request that all products be cleaned before being sent to us.

My Warranty Is Expired. Can I Still Get My Product Repaired?

Please reach out to and we would be glad to understand the product issue and help in any way we can.  For us to help you quicker, please send us photos and an explanation of the problem in your email. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How To Care For Your Allforasmile Products

Wash Care

You can hand wash your product with a mild soap and a soft brush. Use cold water. Always rinse it well so that all the soap is removed and ensure it is air-dried before the next use. Do not machine wash or machine dry.


While storing, ensure that your bag is kept in a cool, dry place. It must be completely dry and free of mould and dirt. When stored, keep your bag away from direct sunlight, extreme heat, acids, oxidizing agents found in concrete and alkalis. Exposure to extreme temperatures can damage the fabric.

Shipping Info


M/S Allforasmile LLP, 217/B/3 “MANAS”, Parvati Gaon Pune – 411009, India

Shipping Charges

You need to bear the shipping charges while sending the product to us. We will reimburse the same in the form of an online gift voucher that can be redeemed on


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