While we started our work in early 2010, we came across many situations where we were asked if we are an NGO… essentially, being an NGO makes it easy for corporates to work with us. It also helps us in drawing the line between purely philanthropic activities and commercial activities. Thus Allforasmile Human Empowerment Foundation came into being on 17 March 2017.

We are committed to supporting all of Foundation’s activities. As an example, we are making the reusable cloth pads available to Foundation for its Pads For Daughters program at cost.

Allforasmile Human Empowerment Foundation (AHEF) focuses on market-linked livelihood projects backed up by skill development.

Put simply, we identify market opportunities along with the skills needed. We then organize women directly or through partner NGOs and impart the required skills. We create forward linkages to tap the market opportunity thus ensuring regular self-sustainable income for the participating women. All this, in a “cottage industry” setup, without factories, etc.

As an example: Market Opportunity: Creation of School Uniforms;  Skill: Stitching; Target Audience for imparting skill: Urban Poor. We reach out to schools and convince them to source the school uniforms from this group of producers.

We cannot do it all alone. We work with CSR teams which help us run skill development programs. We work with partner NGOs to reach out to our target audience and we work with you to help you appreciate the product that you can spend your money on, while contributing to the prosperity of the last woman standing!

To know more about our projects, see our Foundation site.


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