Notes from Wimbledon 2018

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On Saturday, 14 July, in Kerber vs Serena, Kerber won in straight sets and said her failures in 2017 played a big part in her win. “Without 2017, I couldn’t win this tournament” – said Kerber after winning. Kerber had a splendid 2016 in which she won US Open and Australian Open. But 2017 was a year of losses, she was out of form and lost every single tournament she participated in. Now 30, few thought she was up to the challenge. But she worked hard and fought hard, to become only the second person in history to beat Serena twice in a Grand Slam final. Now that’s the stuff champions are made of!

We shall see more of Kerber in years to come! And she reminded me of Steffi  🙂  

And to sum up the entire Men’s tournament this year, a quote from Boris Becker is enough: “Everyone loves Federer and Rafa, but Novak is respected. He takes it personally.”

To Novak, with love!

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