O Eco Friendly Nature Ke Rakshak

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Allforasmile Family wishes everyone a very Happy Independence Day this 15 August 2018! To the poor street vendor selling plastic flags as well as those who refused to buy them! We salute the crusaders who are at our mountain tops cleaning them of plastic litter and those as well who are yet to get their sense of responsibility towards our environment.

Why? Because we acknowledge and understand that we all are at different stages of our evolution. Some of us are trying to make a living by selling the product of the day on the streets. How can we not be compassionate about this man who has to worry about his family’s evening meal!

Some are yet to hear and understand the word “global warming”. It is incorrect to ridicule the genuine ignorance of these people when large multi-national corporations chose to be ignorant for decades!

So, let us be aware of the dichotomies around us and be sensitive – as we care for our nature, let us not stop caring for the humble humans!

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