Plastic at the bottom of the pyramid

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When CK Prahlad  made the world discover the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid, little did he know that wide base of pyramid will eventually get filled with so much plastic that mountains will gasp for air and oceans will be filled with more plastic than the fish!!!

While the world seems to be waking up to the menace of plastic and taking urgent steps to mend its ways, it again appears that we are content at taking short-cuts. Our policy makers are making easy choices and ignoring a major source of plastic pollution – the ubiquitous plastic sachet.

Plastic sachet are made of Multi-Layer-Plastic (MPL). Because it has many different materials, to put it mildly, its recycling is a major challenge and practically does not happen. So all the chips, toffee, noodles, biscuits, shampoo and other shiny pouches end up in the landfill, to outlast us till the end of the world!

There are no easy solutions here. But solution we must find!



Credits to Dr Gurudas Nulkar

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