Allforasmile Bon Appetite Lunch Bag -Camel


  • *** SIMPLE & STYLISH – Allforasmile’s Avni Bon Appetit Canvas Lunch Bag epitomises our tradition of practical designs. Put your lunch boxes, ROLL-DOWN & PRESS-CLOSE the Velcro Strap! No matter if you have just a single tiffin box or multiple boxes, they will always be packs in place with auto-adjusted height.
  • *** INTELLIGENT & THOUGHTFUL – Thermal Insulation keeps food warmer for a few hours. Unisex Design means anyone in the family can carry it. Eco-friendly and Washable. There are no metal or plastic parts, so wash as often as needed.
  • *** FITS MOST TIFFIN SIZES – This is EASY FIT Design which allows For MOST SIZE TIFFIN BOXES. SIZE: Base: (8 x 5 inch Width) x Height 13 inch Unfolded, 8.5 inch after folding PLEASE see all pictures – DO NOT BUY IF THIS SIZE IS SMALL FOR YOU.
  • *** ECO-FRIENDLY – Its reusable, washable and durable! Wash with COLD water on GENTLE cycle only. DO NOT put in dryer as this may cause shrinking. HANG DRYING recommended.
  • *** PROUDLY Made in India by a Social Enterprise. Beware of imitations by copy-cats. Allforasmile is a registered trademark in India.
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