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Allforasmile 100% Cotton Fridge Bags (Pack of 6)

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  • 100% Cotton – Made using 100% cotton. Now no plastic to come in contact with your vegetables and fruits in the fridge (do you know that plastics release, leach toxic chemicals over a period of time?)
  • Retains Right Amount of Moisture – Vegetables and fruits need right amount of moisture inside the fridge to remain fresh… Neither too much nor too little. Our bags are made of super thin cotton which makes them breathable. It lets the excess moisture evaporate and retains just the right amount of moisture. 
  • Right Size – We provide 3 sizes, good to keep all kinds of vegetables.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Its reusable, washable and durable! Can wash in the washing machine.
  • PROUDLY Made in India by a Social Enterprise. Beware of imitations by copy-cats. Allforasmile is a registered trademark in India.


Now do not let those plastic mesh bags mix with your vegetables in the fridge! Our 100% Cotton Fridge Bags are specially crafted to keep your vegetables in the fridge fresh, longer. We experimented with multiple fabrics and have found the most ideal fabric type to meet your needs.