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Our KwikDry Pad has a unique design which allows for quick drying. The folded pad makes 7 layers for absorption. Good for most normal flow days. We have made it universal by providing an extra insert that can be added to the folds for heavy flow days or for nights.

All Sugam pads are made using 100% cotton and are hand-stitched. They come with a “leak-proof” layer. Please see Size Guide and FAQ for more details.


All about Sugam Cloth Pads

Cloth pads are a great alternative to disposable sanitary napkins. They are reusable and provide unmatched comfort since they are made from 100% cotton. Can be used for daily discharge, menstrual flow, incontinence, and postpartum bleeding. All Sugam Cloth pads come with a leak proof layer and wings with two snap buttons on the side so that it can be fixed on any underwear. Our two-button design makes sure the pad stays in its place with minimum side-ways or up/down movement.

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