SSRVM School Uniforms At Best Price And Quality

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SSRVM Uniforms Now Available Online

We are very excited to announce the availability of SSRVM school uniforms starting academic year 2019-2020. It’s a matter of honour and pride to be associated with Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Bhugaon, Pune.

About SSRVM Bhugaon, Pune

SSRVM Bhugaon runs the school at its beautiful campus in Forest Trails, Bhugaon. Students are admitted from class 1 till class 10. School has plans to add another building in the campus very soon. SSRVM School has a beautiful open-air auditorium and a sports field. School has equal emphasis on academics and co-curricular activities. Its students regularly excel in both academics as well as various art forms and sports.

Our Gratitude

We consider the opportunity to make uniforms for SSRVM as a boon to all the women who work with us. Our team of women’s groups is engaged in quality work for over 9 years now. Making of SSRVM uniforms will provide them a platform to showcase their work to the world and will provide them even more opportunities to work and earn a better living.

Uniform Buying Hassles

Purchase of school uniforms has become a hassle for the busy lifestyle of today’s parents. One has to drive down to the vendor shop in a crowded area where parking is always an issue. This experience itself is not pleasant and it is costly. Today, the cost of driving your car for 20 km is significant in terms of both time and money. Not to mention the trouble of driving through congested Pune traffic. When you reach the shop, there could be surprises around availability of the size you are looking for! So overall, this is not a great experience and we are set to change it!

Setting New Service Standards in Uniforms

While our uniforms will have the best quality and price, the differentiating factor is the high standards of service we promise to provide to our patrons. For the first time in Pune, all our patrons will get free home delivery of uniforms. Also, the delivery team will bring 3 sizes for fitting trial. The parents will be able to try the uniform at home and keep the size that fits best! This is an unprecedented level of service being offered free! This is made possible with our modern IT systems.

Our operations are backed by state-of-the-art IT systems which will help you to order right size SSRVM Uniform online. Once you have placed the order, we will keep you updated about the delivery date/ time. We plan to complete all deliveries before end of May. Our systems will allow you to schedule an appointment as per your convenience. Our delivery team will arrive as per the booked appointment. They will carry the size you ordered. Along with it, they will also bring you a +1 and a -1 size so that in case the originally ordered size does not fit, a size smaller or larger will. This is very thoughtful and demonstrates our eagerness to walk an extra mile to serve our patrons.


Suggestions Welcome

Bookings are now OPEN!. We welcome your comments and suggestions. We are very excited to be setting new standard for the business of school uniforms. All this, while ensuring our women’s network continues to grow and continue to get more work. Truly excited to launch SSRVM Uniforms with best quality at best price!

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  • Mrs Sarika Pachlore

    Very nice initiative .Also a small suggestion from my side Please specify delivery period .For ex , within 7 days or 4-5 days etc .So that parents can know what time delivery is expected .Thank you

    • Allforasmile

      Thank you Mrs Sarika!
      Because this is the first year of this initiative, it is important for us to gauge the demand so that we order appropriate quantity of material. Hence, we are requesting parents to book their uniforms at the earliest. Bookings are now open. We will close bookings in March and then carry out production in April. We will do the deliveries in May. Hope it answers your question.

  • Rajesh

    Today is GudhiPadwa! I received an SMS saying that there would be 20% discount if uniforms are ordered before midnight. When I applied the coupon code (PadwaSmiles) I got only 10% discount.

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