Cloth Pads are Economical (by a huge margin!)

Over time, Sugam Cloth Pads turn out to be much cheaper than commercial disposable pads.

Cloth pads last much longer, typically 3 to 5 year. Here is price comparison over a 3 years period. For the sake of calculations, assumed period length of 5 days, with 4 pads used every 24 hours, totalling 20 pads and 13 periods per year.


Typical Per Month Cost

Cost over 3 Years

A typical combination of Night Pads and Day Pads of brands such as Whisper
Ultra or Stayfree

150/- INR

5850/- INR

Sugam Cloth Pads, assumed 300/- per pad, pack of 6 pads

1800/- INR

You can see that the cloth pad start paying for itself 9th month onwards, not to mention the unmatched comfort it provides and generates no waste.



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